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Architectural Design l Interior Styling


Pelin Düştegör Yüksek Mimar


( Business Owner, MSc. Architect / YTU 2007)

She has very well experienced that:  

  • Architectural Design different scales

  • Steel Buildings Design in Architecture

  • Interior styling and branding

  • Local permittion for building construction

She was born in 1985 in Istanbul. After graduated from Besiktas High School in 2002, She started to educate architectural department of Yildiz Technical University. When She graduated from YTU architecture , She was 21 years old. From 2006 to 2018, She had very well experience about steel building architectural design, local permittion for construction, restoration and renovation different building types, architectural design for residential, hotels, offices, dormitories. She graduated from architectural design master education in YTU in 2011. She has the thesis which is "Sinema ve sinema mekanlarının tarihsel gelişimi ve İstanbul ilinde yer alan sinema mekanlarının incelenmesi: Alışveriş merkezleri üzerine değerlendirme çalışması - 2011". 

Pelin Dustegor works for her own architectural brand PDESGN, which was established in Besiktas / Istanbul, since 2018. PDESGN created Casa Lokomotif ecological tiny house caravan in 2019 which brand is very famous in the world.

She attended many societies in past which of them are Çedbik, Ytumed, Besiktas Kent Konseyi. She worked for sustainable future for Turkey in these socities.

Pelin Dustegor is member of Chamber of Architects of Turkey. Also, she has real estate consultancy certificate from Tobb University, architectural expert certificate from Aydin University, branding management and communication certificate from Neoskala course.

She is a visiting lecturer at YTU architectural design studio since 2023.


Thank you for all...  

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